Filling out offers–the basics

The way to earn points on InstaGC is to fill out offers. Offers are provided by advertisers who wish to collect leads. When a lead is validated, you receive points. We call this crediting.


You MUST use your real, true information while filling out offers–your true name, address, and telephone number. Failure to do so will result in being banned from doing the advertiser’s offers and may possibly result in your InstaGC account being closed. You should, however, use a new, permanent email address in the offer paths. This is not only allowed, but encouraged. You can use any permanent email provider such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail to make your new email addresses. There are many others, but please do NOT use temporary or disposable “spam” email providers such as 10minutemail, Guerrillamail, or any of the other disposable email services. This is a sure way to get a permanent ban from offers and from InstaGC. It takes less than a minute to make a new email address, and it is well worth the small amount of time spent.

Take your time while doing the offers. Don’t speed through the offers and expect them to credit–they won’t. Let all pages load fully. Turn off your popup blocker and any adblocking software, let all popups load and lower them while you continue on with the original offer. When you reach the final page, let that page sit open for a few minutes before closing the window.

After completing each offer, you will need to clear your browser’s cookies to prevent the offer sites from confusing which offer you are completing. An easy tool to use is CCleaner – just install it and between each offer, close your browser and click Run Cleaner. You may also clear cookies manually. Always wait at least 5 minutes, preferably 10 minutes, before clearing cookies and starting another offer.

Your choice of browsers will also impact offer crediting. Try to avoid Internet Explorer–it has the lowest crediting rate. Two good browsers to use are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Switching between browsers can also help with offer crediting.

In review:
Use your true information.
Use a new, permanent email for each offer/family of offers.
Take your time–let all pages and popups load fully.
Clear cookies before completing another offer.

More to come……